Scentsy Australia

Scentsy Australia

Scentsy Australia Scentsy Australia recently announced the expansion of sales and the business opportunity of Scentsy Fragrance to the beautiful country of Australia! Scentsy Australia will launch Scentsy Fragrance September 1, 2013! What is Scentsy Fragrance? Scentsy Fragrance offers many fragrance products including the Scentsy Warmer. Beautiful and decorative Scentsy Warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb. The wax, known as a Scentsy Bar, wonderfully enhances your home or office with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot. This simple system makes a safe and clean alternative to traditional candles. In just a few short weeks, the residents of Australia can buy and sell these wonderful products! Scentsy Premium Warmers Scentsy Australia is a Direct Sales company. Australia is a perfect fit for Scentsy Fragrance. Scented candles are big business for Aussies, and they prefer a LOT of fragrance! Scentsy Australia also makes sense from a business perspective. Australia is one of the top direct selling markets in the world! Australians have adopted direct selling as a means to build a business. Scentsy is a wonderful business opportunity for men and women who want to work from home, have the freedom and flexibility that comes from owning your own business, and would like the opportunity for additional income. NOW you have the opportunity to join Scentsy Australia and start selling Scentsy products! You can literally be one of the very first Scentsy consultants in your country. This is an amazing ground floor business opportunity! If the concept of a wickless candle appeals to you and you think it will appeal to your friends and family, I would suggest you consider joining Scentsy Australia! Join Scentsy Australia! Below are frequently asked questions about Scentsy Australia that you may find helpful… When will consultants be able to sell Scentsy in Australia? September 1, 2013 How much is the Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit in Australia? The Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit in Australia is $139 (AUD). The Starter Kit shipping fee is $13 (AUD). What is included in the Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit? Your Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit will include basically the following items. Please know these items casino online are subject to change.

  • Party Testers (1 Full Set)
  • Category Cards (1 set of 9)
  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Bars (2)
  • Scentsy Buddy (1)
  • Scent Pak (1)
  • Layers Products (2; contents subject to change)
  • Welcome Letter
  • Scentsy Family Consultant Guide (1)
  • Scentsy Catalogs (25)
  • Showcase Brochures (25)
  • Product List (1 50-sheet pad)
  • Print-Your-Own Labels (10 sheets)
  • Invitations (100)
  • Order Forms (100)
  • Host Envelopes (5)
  • Host/Join Brochures (25)
  • Discover Scentsy DVD (1)

Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit How will new Scentsy Consultants be supported in Australia? Along with your Scentsy Sponsor and Director, Scentsy will have a dedicated Consultant Support Team for Australia.

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Scentsy will ensure that their Consultant Supports Representatives are knowledgeable about the new market and that the hours of operation will match normal business hours in Australia. I have additional questions. What should I do? Please call me at 1-503-701-8788 or email me at I will be more than happy to answer your questions! I hope to hear from you! Kris Billings Independent Scentsy Family SuperStar Director